Invisalign treatment
– journey to a beautiful smile!  

Hi! I am Sanna-Liisa Untamala, a general dentist, and I do Invisalign clear aligner treatments. If you are dreaming of having a straight teeth line or you would want to fix your bite problems, you should contact me. The Invisalign-treatment is a modern, easy and almost invisible way to get your teeth into their right positions. The treatment suits well for both teenagers and adults.

You can come and see me for your free consultation in Helsinki (Bulevardi, Kamppi, Itäkeskus or Kauppakeskus Kaari in Kannelmäki) and Espoo (Iso-Omena). You can book your appointment here. See you at the clinic!

Invisible way to get a straight teeth line

Clear alignment treatments have been popular worldwide for years and are now becoming common in Finland too. Even though there are other treatment options available, Invisalign is the most popular one. A clear alignment treatment is an excellent solution for example for students and working adults. And since the aligners are transparent and removable, the treatment is almost unnoticeable and it won’t affect your everyday life.

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Starting an alignment treatment is often a long-considered decision because traditionally it is related to many discomfort aspects. Invisalign treatment is however much more pleasant way than traditional braces. For that reason, the decision to start is much easier to make. Length of the treatment can be between two months and two years, depending of the start situation. Discover experiences of my customers!


Inserting and removing the aligners needed couple times to practice, but after that I was walking around happily aligners in my mouth, because they were so unnoticeable. I could enjoy my life same way than before starting the treatment. 

Helinä, 25

I could fulfill my long-time dream of beautiful teeth. Aligners were unnoticeable and treatment time quite short. I never regret to start this project. Nowadays, I don’t need to hide my smile.   

Jonna, 35

My fast, unnoticeable and high quality Invisalign treatment was perfected by wonderful customer service. Many of my friends also got excited from my experience and started the treatment with Sanna-Liisa.  

Matilda, 20