Helinä was treated with Invisalign Go aligner treatment that lasted 16 weeks. Crowded front teeth moved to a beautiful line in four months and this also fixed the overbite issue. 

Kuva Meri Luukkanen

“When I started to use my first aligners, my letter S was hissing couple of days when I was speaking. Inserting and removing the aligners needed couple times to practice, but after that I was walking happily around with aligners in my mouth, because they were so unnoticeable. I could enjoy my life same way than before starting the treatment. Aligner treatment was effective, and I started to see clear results after couple weeks. 

When changing to new aligners I could feel small sensitivity when biting, but otherwise the treatment did not cause pain. I can warmly recommend Invisalign treatment. I look to the mirror daily and smile just to see my own amazing teeth. I have never regretted my decision to go for treatment!” 

Helinä, 25