Aligner treatment suitable for a daily life of teenagers and adults 

Invisalign is clear aligner treatment method that has been used to give beautiful smile for millions of people in over hundred countries. Aligners are transparent, removable and made of plastic individually to each customer’s treatment needs. 

There will be a series of aligners where each individual aligner is moving the teeth to the desirable direction. When movement of one aligner is achieved, it is changed to the next aligner. Aligner will be changed to next one every or every second week. To achieve the goals of the treatment, it is recommended to use the aligners 22 hours per day. The number of different aligners and the length of the treatment are individual depending of the need. Fastest results can be achieved in two months while some treatments can last two years. 

Invisalign treatment steps 

Before the treatment can start, the condition of the mouth and teeth will be checked. For this there will be oral health and dental inspection and dental x-ray. Invisalign clear aligners are easy to use and almost unnoticeable. In the beginning of the treatment, tooth color attachments will be placed on the surface of the teeth to help them to move. Sometimes there is also a need for making a little bit more space between teeth to make movement possible. This is called interproximal reduction.

In the beginning the mouth and the teeth must get used to the aligners but after a week they don’t disturb speaking. Aligners are easy to remove for eating and teeth brushing – and it is important to take care of good oral hygiene during the treatment. Invisalign treatment does not disturb the routines of daily life. Aligners can be removed example when going to a party or keeping a lecture. 

From aesthetic dentistry to correcting malocclusions

Normally clear aligner treatment is done to both jaws for better end results. Sometimes it is enough to treat only one jaw, and then the cost of the treatment is a little bit lower. 

Invisalign has a different type of treatments available. In Invisalign Go the focus of the treatment is to fix small problems in aesthetic area. Other Invisalign treatments (Express, Lite and Comprehensive Package) are treating the whole dental arch and they can also fix severe malocclusions.

Beautiful smile that will last

When treatment is finished, there is a need for the retention phase to keep the results good. This can be done example with Vivera retainers or lingual wires. 

Invisalign treatment costs are varying depending of the scope and difficulty of the treatment and the cost is from 2000 to 5600 euros including the retention. To estimate treatment needed, you need to visit me in free consultation, where I will define treatment suitable for you. I will also do the 3D image, so you can see how the result of the treatment would look for you.