1. Consultation appointment

In consultation appointment I will tell you about Invisalign treatment and the process. I will make the 3D scan of your teeth so you can see right away digital simulation of your results in the end of aligner treatment. If there is any other need of dental care, we will discuss about it and agree how to proceed. 

2. Treatment plan

I will use the 3D image to make you a treatment plan that you can see as an animation after it is finished. It takes me from one to three weeks to plan your treatment.   

3. Beginning of the treatment

In the beginning of your treatment, I will put attachments on the surface of your teeth and if needed, I will make a little bit more space between your teeth with interproximal reduction. You will get your first aligners to use and a set of aligners for later use. We will agree a control appointment.   

4. Control appointments 

Control appointments are individually between three and seven weeks and they are for checking how the treatment is going. You will also get a new set of aligners with you to cover your needs until the next appointment. 

5. Finishing the treatment

When the treatment is done, I will remove the attachments, and we make a plan for retention. New 3D scanning of your teeth is also done. 

6. Retention

After the aligner treatment, the teeth have a strong tendency go back to their original position. For this reason, it is important to take care of the retention. This can be done example with Vivera retainers or lingual wires.