Trusted provider for Invisalign treatment and experienced general dentist 

During my career I have treated patients in all ages and many different dental problems. Meeting people, following the treatments and helping patient over the fear of the dentist are rewarding moments in my work. I am a positive person, and in my work, I am very thorough. The atmosphere in my clinic is relaxed and pleasant, and there is no reason to be nervous. 

In recent years I have focused more and more to Invisalign treatments, and most of my patients nowadays are there for the clear aligner treatment. Invisalign is modern and almost invisible method to straighten teeth in reasonable time. In best cases, the results can be achieved in only two months. I have certificates to make both Go treatments and Full treatments.

When possible, I also offer basic dental care and for bigger treatments, I will guide the patient to another professional to continue treatment. 

The consultation for clear aligner treatment is always free. During the appointment, I will tell you about a suitable solution and give you estimation of the length and cost of the treatment. You can also see the 3D simulation of the end results of the treatment for you. 

See you at the clinic!